Sunday, 24 March 2013

My problem with Easter

I love Easter due to the loads of scrumptious food that appears once a year although the over indulgence is definitely a negetive factor according to my tum-tum and hips, oh why couldn't chocolate be good for you?

Friday, 22 March 2013

Corner Cafe

Yesterday I went to the corner cafe. I been wanting to.go there for ages! It was so amazing from the decor to the vibe to the service and the food! I went there for lunch and had a chicken and apple sausage roll. It sounds incredibly strange but it was extremely yummy! The male { boy+friend+matt } had a pork belly sandwhich which was as equally delicious! I will definitely be going back in the very near future! :)  You can get hold of the cafe on 031 201 0219.

My little treasures

For Christmas Santa thought I was a good girl in 2012 so i recived somebof thebcoolest pie-bakkng gadgets (which i still have to put to good use). I also recieved the porcelain owl I asked for and an hour glass. I have an obsession with white decor'.

Mangwanani spa with mumzie :)

Recently I went to Mangwanani Spa at Sibiya Casino. We spent an entire day walking around in gowns and slippers, fed constantly and truly pampered. It was an incredible experiance and loads of fun! Thank you  mommy!