Sunday, 26 February 2012


Last night was our brother school's matric (farewell) dance! I was not attending but I was helping all my girlies and taking photo's of them who were going. McKirst (her nickname, love me xx) is in the red dress and as proven below...way taller than me :P

The pretty lady and gentleman, Nicole and Matt were also going and looked too stunning!
We did encounter one of those things that 'you know could happen, but not to me' but it was nothing a needle, cotton and a surprising seamstress couldn't fix!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Friday, 17 February 2012

Cuzzi turns 18!

One of the first 18th birthdays this year is my cousins, Steff! I hope that she has had a splendid day!

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

With love from Germany

These BEAUTIFUL gift are what my mommy brought back for me from her trip to the Deutschland! :D

Love you mumzie and I'm glad that you are home safe and sound.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I HEART MARKET [4/02/2012]

This Saturday after a long time... I re-united with my favourite market! My eyes did loads of feasting as there was such incredibly beautiful items on for sale. There are such fantastic, creative people in this majestic place we live in!

All of the above items were taken at the iKhaya stall. For those of you that did not know, iKhaya is no longer situated next to The Corner Cafe but are in a new little pozi in Windermere Road. [number 435].
Click here to see their website.

These gorgeous items of clothing are made by Sarah Stone who has a company called Dandelion! Unfortunately I'm cash-less so I had to "window shop" :|

Look for Dandelion on Facebook :D

These pretty little pieces of art are crafted by Sam Cross. They are truly magnificent and are made from recycled bits of rubbish (all different container labels) which must take hooours to make!

The last bunch of pictures are from the 'Freshly Found' store. Everything is handmade from the paper flowers to the monopoly origami t-shirts to the vinyl record vases to the heart shaped stitched postcards!
Their slogan is insane. It is 'vintage refreshed'.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Streets of Durbies*

I really like this photo of the Durban street. I took it when I was leaving Cafe 1999.


I am sitting at this beautiful cafe on Essenwood road in Durbs :)

It's a cafe, furniture store, surf and skate shop all on one... With the SICKEST vibe ever! With rad sounds and the metropolitan air stuffing your brain while you enjoy super yummy food!

It is called Peg and is founded by Greg Parry. Who I just found out he was my u14 water polo coach.

I have no idea what these photo's will look like as I took them on my iPad and are uploading them from there :)

Check their website: Peg

Monday, 6 February 2012


Besides Wakaberry which is a local frozen yoghurt (FROYO) bar, Durban eventually has invested in the most amazing froyo which is made in Cape Town. I had it for the second time ever this weekend. The first time I had it, I was in the urban streets of Cape Town with my childhood bff, Caiti as I was visiting her on holiday!

What fond memories... I even remember that it was chocolate flavour :P

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cafe 1999

On the tranquil Saturday of this reviving weekend, my friends and I decided to give the well renowned Cafe 1999 a bash. They had spectacular service although the menu was rather gourmet. It is truly a place to go if you love trying out new food although not the place to go for simple eaters. 

The image below was a complimentary starter which is a freshly made fish cake which out puts any other to shame!

Below is what my friend ordered which was a spinach pasta.  

This had to be one of the most exciting meals which was a chicken thigh covered with coconut on a bed of sweet potato mash which included ginger and coconut. A curry infused sauce was drizzled over the dish.

This was my dish, below, which was layered fillet steak, Camembert and onion marmalade on a bed of wine infused risotto. The Camembert was really over whelming although I am very fond of it on crackers and the risotto was scrumptious and it was my first time giving it a try.

After our piggy banks were emptied out we resorted to a cheap dessert, bought from a local garage and was truly splendid. I had a white almond Magnum which I tried out for the first time. ( I usually just scoff down the delicious death by chocolate Magnum :D)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Breakfast with Ms. J

Today I attended a mothers and daughters breakfast. It was for open to all matrics and was a fund raiser in order collect money for our MPC (Multi Purpose Centre) that is currently being built. Miss J (Johnstone) is our principle and gave us a light hearted talk about her travels around the world. It was a wonderful morning getting to know the teachers, principles our fellow classmates and their lovely mummies.

We all had to decorated our own tables and our class table was decorated by... me :P My mum and I constructed handmade flowers from pink and white cardboard, along with pink and white polka dot serviettes and marshmellows sprinkled with icing sugar in the 3 centre jars :) 

The brown bags were filled with pink and white candy coated peanuts and were placed on each place setting.

This is my beautiful mommy! And I can tell you that I can not imagine life without her!

These pretty ladies are my fellow classmates. From left: Nkan, Mbali, Amez and myself.

This is my mommy (Carolyn) and I and Amez and her gorgeous Aunt Gaylene.

The food was delicious and consisted of fresh fruit, croissants and muffins proceeded with carrot cake (MY WEAKNESS), cupcakes and vanilla cake....mmmm HEAVEN!

This is Kirst and Han. Han decorated a table as well which included these vintage books below and Kirst was helping out.

This is Jahaan and her beautiful mummy! They sat at my table too! :D

Mbali is my sister from another mister (not literally) and if you are ever feeling down and you see her beautiful smile you will instantly be H.A.P.P.Y!

Our tables were judged for the best decorating and this table won. It was decorated by my science teacher, Mrs de Beer who eat, sleeps and breathes art! She is incredibly creative as she came up with this fantastic idea.

This is my registration teacher who has to be one of the best afrikaans teachers too!