Saturday, 30 July 2011

Good Food and wine show :) well HELLO!
This little adventure made me drool immensley as I galavanted around the stunning show,
testing ALL the testers, investing in a vast range of different types of delicious treats and tasting tantalizing wine! 

I tried out macaroons* for the first time! I was SUPER DUPER excited and savoured every single bite.. I came to a conclusion of my favourites... in this order:
1. Vanilla
2. Pistacho
3. Chocolate

In my moments of scoffing my face, I did take note that these little babies are very rich! nOm..NoM...nOm...NoM

The boxes above, contain AMAZING chocolate! This company have also created delicious types of tea's, coffee's, chocolate's and water.. FANCY HUH!

Another little tip I gathered is that a really refreshing, yummy drink with a twist is the good old OB's with lemonade! (PS. I had Parental Supervision :D)

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