Thursday, 11 August 2011

Roma Revolving

 DURBAN CIVILIANS! I had such a BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL evening at the Roma Revolving for my mom's Birthday! It was truly stunning having dinner, looking over the pretty city!

Please excuse my peared-shaped pictures.. the floor was rotating. None the less I took photo's of the beautiful artwork in the resturaunt!

This was my delicious dessert and below is the dessert that my brother had! His dessert was made by Mr. Gino the owner himself, at our table! It is called Cre'pe Suizette and tasted SUPER!

The photo's of our incredible city  were taken  from the upstairs balcony by my rad cousin, Steph. She is really talented at photography and my mom, Steph and myself were all playing with my moms birthday present... a bigger camera lens :D

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