Friday, 23 September 2011

Interpret Durban...Part One

As I am guided by fairy lights into the alley way between two buildings, I come to the entrance of the Beautiful Durban (ethikwini) City Hall! I felt like I was walking into those magical, exquisite, elegant art galleries in the Big Apple. (Yes, I felt that cool!) As I entered the unique hall there were there ginormous beanbag letters spelling out 'DURBAN' as you can see below!

As I entered, on my left, there hung all the submitted photographs like old panties!

As I walked around I saw my photo's that I submitted! It was honestly too exciting! ( I thought that they may have been thrown  into a bin labeled "amateur" and proceeded to be incinerated)

These caps above were being created right in fornt of us! It was really intense as these artists were so incredibly talented!

Below are other photographs submitted, showing other citizens views on Durban. If you look on the right hand side of the picture you will see that a graphic designer created a photo of a bunny chow and an Indian Minah - Truly Original!

This t-shirt artwork was created by kids in the Umthomba Area!
Below is more artwork from other Durbanites!

This is a close-up on the radical BEAN-BAGS! :D

This maaaaad cake was made and for every slice sold, the cash went towards charity!

  There were also span surfboards that were designed by the Umthomba children!

I would just like to say... ROCK ON DURBS!
We have so much RADICAL talent and can really host an event...What a jol!

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