Monday, 28 November 2011


This weekend I tried a fantastic cafe' that has recently opened up in Gateway! It goes by the name 'Larney' and is on the corner of the space and next to The Barnyard. 

The picture below is on the wall of the cafe and is accompanied with fantastic flavoured water's beneath them which would be the reason for 'Instant Gratification'.

As you can see there is a liitle browine or something or other on the saucer above... besides the fact that I do not know what it is, it tasted like a little piece of heaven!

The cup below is so incredible. It is placed at the bottom on the inside of your mug! 

Above is the decorations on the saucers and below is the cafe setting.

Besides my scoffing down a delish panini accompanied with salami, mozerella, rocket and basil pesto, my sweet tooth was screaming at me and so I had my most wonderful lemon meringue pie that definately tantalized my taste buds!

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