Tuesday, 13 December 2011


As you know South Africa has been really lucky as it hosted the Cop17 conference in my beautiful city... Durban!

Below are some of the pictures I took of our beach front which had been done up for the conference.

The wooden tree above is powered by members of the public cycling in bicycles which activate fairy lights in different parts of the tree! A really clever, innovative idea :D

These wind chimes are actually a petition that was created by a South African man. It is for the use of wind power and you sign your name on one of the wind chimes. It makes a stunning sound in the wind as well!
All the pictures below were taken in a marque that was put up to promote 'going green'.

The tree above and leaf below were part of a promise tree! My promise is below although it is more like telling the reader what to do than what I promise to do :|

These two posters had an excellent message place amoung each onr and gave me goosebumps!
The picture below is a painting that was done by someone who was expressing their views on global warming.

This photo below is also another artists take on global warming.

Besides the fact that we had a really good conference here ( I think ), it also felt really cool that you knew famous people were in our city :P

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