Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Fairytale Evening!

 This has to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It was truly a fairytale evening! From getting ready after school, to the pre-drinks at my house which consisted of about 80 people and LOADS of camera's, to driving in the tuk-tuk (it was our entrance car), and then spending the evening with my entire grade and making very special memories!

Above is my hair and nails and below is my beautiful family!

Above is my partner, Brett and I.
Below are all the girls in my group. These lovely ladies all looked stunning!

This is the tuk-tuk that we made our entrance in!

Below is the table decorations which fitted together with the theme which was vintage, 1920's.

I would like to say a SUPER SPECIAL THANK YOU to my beautiful mommy who made my evening perfect and for all the preparation and planning that you did in order for the night to be unforgettable! 

I am very lucky to have you and I am extremely spoilt!!

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