Sunday, 2 December 2012


RAGE (noun;ajd;verb) : where matrics go to party for 2 full weeks, consists of large consumptions of alcohol, no parents and watching the sunrise daily.

 We made our way to rage immediately after our last school exam ever! we spent the days relaxing in the sunshine and making new friends. The nights consisted of a large consumption of alcohol, partying until dawn and swollen feet.

Roadtriping to Rage and officialy finished school...nothing ever felt so strange!

My Gorgeous Boyfriend
(who was more like my babysitter)

Above: My beautiful cousin who is a very good drunken sitter :P

Below: Myself, Kirst and Ames.

This was one of the sessions to the shops where I ravenously attacked my pie! :)

 The epic KEZ boys who had to put up with us :D

The STASH...for one night :|

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