Saturday, 4 February 2012

Breakfast with Ms. J

Today I attended a mothers and daughters breakfast. It was for open to all matrics and was a fund raiser in order collect money for our MPC (Multi Purpose Centre) that is currently being built. Miss J (Johnstone) is our principle and gave us a light hearted talk about her travels around the world. It was a wonderful morning getting to know the teachers, principles our fellow classmates and their lovely mummies.

We all had to decorated our own tables and our class table was decorated by... me :P My mum and I constructed handmade flowers from pink and white cardboard, along with pink and white polka dot serviettes and marshmellows sprinkled with icing sugar in the 3 centre jars :) 

The brown bags were filled with pink and white candy coated peanuts and were placed on each place setting.

This is my beautiful mommy! And I can tell you that I can not imagine life without her!

These pretty ladies are my fellow classmates. From left: Nkan, Mbali, Amez and myself.

This is my mommy (Carolyn) and I and Amez and her gorgeous Aunt Gaylene.

The food was delicious and consisted of fresh fruit, croissants and muffins proceeded with carrot cake (MY WEAKNESS), cupcakes and vanilla cake....mmmm HEAVEN!

This is Kirst and Han. Han decorated a table as well which included these vintage books below and Kirst was helping out.

This is Jahaan and her beautiful mummy! They sat at my table too! :D

Mbali is my sister from another mister (not literally) and if you are ever feeling down and you see her beautiful smile you will instantly be H.A.P.P.Y!

Our tables were judged for the best decorating and this table won. It was decorated by my science teacher, Mrs de Beer who eat, sleeps and breathes art! She is incredibly creative as she came up with this fantastic idea.

This is my registration teacher who has to be one of the best afrikaans teachers too! 

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