Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I HEART MARKET [4/02/2012]

This Saturday after a long time... I re-united with my favourite market! My eyes did loads of feasting as there was such incredibly beautiful items on for sale. There are such fantastic, creative people in this majestic place we live in!

All of the above items were taken at the iKhaya stall. For those of you that did not know, iKhaya is no longer situated next to The Corner Cafe but are in a new little pozi in Windermere Road. [number 435].
Click here to see their website.

These gorgeous items of clothing are made by Sarah Stone who has a company called Dandelion! Unfortunately I'm cash-less so I had to "window shop" :|

Look for Dandelion on Facebook :D

These pretty little pieces of art are crafted by Sam Cross. They are truly magnificent and are made from recycled bits of rubbish (all different container labels) which must take hooours to make!

The last bunch of pictures are from the 'Freshly Found' store. Everything is handmade from the paper flowers to the monopoly origami t-shirts to the vinyl record vases to the heart shaped stitched postcards!
Their slogan is insane. It is 'vintage refreshed'.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful pics and mention on your lovely blog :-)