Thursday, 2 February 2012

{Marie} Curie Cupcakes

Unfortunately I have been extremely busy lately! PHEW! We had our annual gala, loads of tests and a mothers and daughters breakfast with our principle all occurring in one week so I am shattered and spent the day chilling out and catching some very needed Z's :)

This week I made these cupcakes partly to do something I love ( my destresser ) which is baking and the main reason was so that I could give them to girls who helped me organise the gala as I am vice captain :D

My house is called 'Curie" after Marie Curie who was the only female to receive two Nobel prize's.

History 101:Marie Curie received one Nobel prize for her theory and extensive research confirming radioactivity and the other for the discovery of two radioactive elements, polonium and radium. Polonium was named after her native country, Poland.

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