Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cafe 1999

On the tranquil Saturday of this reviving weekend, my friends and I decided to give the well renowned Cafe 1999 a bash. They had spectacular service although the menu was rather gourmet. It is truly a place to go if you love trying out new food although not the place to go for simple eaters. 

The image below was a complimentary starter which is a freshly made fish cake which out puts any other to shame!

Below is what my friend ordered which was a spinach pasta.  

This had to be one of the most exciting meals which was a chicken thigh covered with coconut on a bed of sweet potato mash which included ginger and coconut. A curry infused sauce was drizzled over the dish.

This was my dish, below, which was layered fillet steak, Camembert and onion marmalade on a bed of wine infused risotto. The Camembert was really over whelming although I am very fond of it on crackers and the risotto was scrumptious and it was my first time giving it a try.

After our piggy banks were emptied out we resorted to a cheap dessert, bought from a local garage and was truly splendid. I had a white almond Magnum which I tried out for the first time. ( I usually just scoff down the delicious death by chocolate Magnum :D)

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